Views on Abortion

Please know that I approach this sensitive subject with respect for differing viewpoints and a desire for open dialogue.

I hold the belief that life is precious, and while I do not label myself in any religion, the original written and first of it’s kind, un-edited Bible’s commandment, “thou shalt not kill,” is deeply ingrained in my moral compass. It has led me to view abortion as serious since it involves terminating a potential life.

In light of my beliefs, I also strongly advocate for preventative measures and comprehensive education, including mandatory education in schools, regarding pregnancy and abortion. I believe that access to accurate and unbiased information about reproductive health can empower individuals to make well-informed decisions about their bodies and lives.

Promoting better education on the subject is not about imposing views on others but rather about fostering an environment where individuals can have the knowledge and understanding they need to make responsible choices. I believe that through such education, we can work towards reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies, which, in turn, may lead to a decrease in the need for abortion.

To say it plainly, I am against abortion, and both the one holding the knife and the one choosing to initiate the act, allowing it to happen, should be held accountable. However, we cannot be so quick to judge if we are judging someone who doesn’t even truly understand the implications of their decisions or has not had proper education on the matter.

In the future, the government should play a role in implementing measures to ensure proper and mandatory education is received, heard, and understood on the topic of pregnancy and abortion for all citizens.