Core Values

My Core Values

Our core values embody a powerful perspective on life, focusing on compassion, understanding, and equality. Here are some of mine.

  • Forgive and move on: I believe in the liberating power of forgiveness. By choosing not to hold onto grudges or contempt, I am free to move forward positively.
  • Take no revenge: I understand that revenge only perpetuates a cycle of negativity. Instead, you choose to break that cycle by not seeking revenge, even when wronged.
  • Do good even to those who would try to harm me: I am committed to kindness and good deeds, not allowing others’ actions to dictate my own.
  • Honor agreements: Integrity and trustworthiness are vital to me. I take commitments seriously and strive to fulfill them.
  • Have compassion before anger: I opt for understanding and empathy over anger, even in challenging situations.
  • Have understanding before frustration: Rather than allowing frustration to overcome me, I seek understanding, which promotes patience and resilience.
  • Have love before hate: Love is the guiding force in my life. I believe in choosing love over hate, spreading positivity and unity.
  • Admit when I am wrong: I understand the value of humility and the importance of owning up to mistakes as part of personal growth.
  • All people are equal: I firmly believe in equality, recognizing every individual’s inherent worth and dignity.
  • Care more about character than reputation: I value who people truly are over how they appear to others, placing importance on personal character above societal perceptions.

These principles reflect a profound sense of empathy, integrity, and respect for all. They underscore a commitment to personal growth, love, and understanding, fostering a path to a harmonious and fulfilling life.

One world. One people. We are all human.