My Political Views

As an independent thinker, I identify not as a Democrat or Republican, but as a person guided by common sense and objective analysis. My viewpoints are not tethered to any particular party line but rather to the merit of individual issues. I believe in supporting ideas, be it Democrat or Republican, that make sense for our society, uphold our values, and move us toward a brighter future.

It’s not about party affiliation for me; it’s about making thoughtful, informed decisions for the greater good. I believe in being on the side of common sense on any given subject matter, whether it be Republican or Democrat.

Thomas Jefferson (3rd President of the United States)

I’m a huge history buff, and ironically, my first and middle name is Thomas Jefferson, while research and writing is my passion.

Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, was known for being a complex individual with a wide range of interests, from politics and philosophy to architecture and agriculture. While he had a reputation as a strong intellect, a passionate advocate for liberty, and an amazing writer, he was also known for being somewhat reserved and introverted in social situations, which might lead some to label him as a “loner.”

In his time, the Democratic and Republican parties did not exist, so neither was he Democratic or Republican.

Thomas Jefferson was known for his dislike of public speaking. He often expressed his ideas in writing rather than speaking, including delivering his State of the Union addresses in writing rather than in person—a tradition he established that continued until President Woodrow Wilson. This is often attributed to his introverted nature and possibly a speech impediment. ( I have also taken speech therapy classes in order to eliminate my natural-born lisp).