My Views On Religion

I firmly believe in the Bible’s original text, which was first translated into English. I deeply revere this sacred text and its historical, cultural, and spiritual significance. The original translation represents a foundational wisdom, guidance, and insight source. I value its teachings and strive to interpret and live by them in a manner that is true to their initial context and meaning. My faith is rooted in the authenticity and timelessness of these ancient texts, which continue to inspire and enlighten my spiritual journey.

While I don’t subscribe to any specific religion, I am firmly rooted in the belief that all individuals, regardless of their religious affiliation, are created equal and deserving of the same rights, education, and fair treatment. My conviction lies in embracing humanity in its entirety, celebrating our shared dignity, and fostering an environment where every person can thrive.

Rather than identifying with a particular religion, I advocate for equality, respect, and universal understanding, upholding these values as fundamental tenets of a compassionate and just world.

My Core Values

Our core values embody a powerful perspective on life, focusing on compassion, understanding, and equality. Here are some of mine.

  • Forgive and move on: I believe in the liberating power of forgiveness. By choosing not to hold onto grudges or contempt, I am free to move forward positively.
  • Take no revenge: I understand that revenge only perpetuates a cycle of negativity. Instead, you choose to break that cycle by not seeking revenge, even when wronged.
  • Do good even to those who would try to harm me: I am committed to kindness and good deeds, not allowing others’ actions to dictate my own.
  • Honor agreements: Integrity and trustworthiness are vital to me. I take commitments seriously and strive to fulfill them.
  • Have compassion before anger: I opt for understanding and empathy over anger, even in challenging situations.
  • Have understanding before frustration: Rather than allowing frustration to overcome me, I seek understanding, which promotes patience and resilience.
  • Have love before hate: Love is the guiding force in my life. I believe in choosing love over hate, spreading positivity and unity.
  • Admit when I am wrong: I understand the value of humility and the importance of owning up to mistakes as part of personal growth.
  • All people are equal: I firmly believe in equality, recognizing every individual’s inherent worth and dignity.
  • Care more about character than reputation: I value who people truly are over how they appear to others, placing importance on personal character above societal perceptions.

These principles reflect a profound sense of empathy, integrity, and respect for all. They underscore a commitment to personal growth, love, and understanding, fostering a path to a harmonious and fulfilling life.

One world. One people. We are all human.